Halloween Custom Ideas

Me as a 20s Flapper two years ago!

Halloween is around the corner once again! and I know it is one of the only time of the year we get to dress up and be creative. Although it can be hassle finding a custom, I’m here to help!

Below are a few custom ideas to choose from, all inspired by movie characters.

Artistic/ Creative: Lion king theme makeup

This a great way to show your creativity, because it focuses more on the face rather than the custom. And it is also a good idea if you don't feel like dressing up.

Sexy: Aladdin theme costume

I know this custom has been done year after year, well its because its such a fun custom!

Don't be afraid to make it your own by adding a little bit of your personal style.

Daring: Maleficent

Now if you are feel like going for something dark this Halloween, then Malificaient is a great custom to go for. From the make up to the custom, you will surely scare someone. This is also my favorite so far.

Simple: The Tethered from us

And if you have been invited to a last minutes custom party, then this one is for you.

All you will need is a red jumpsuit and scissors and you are good to go.

Until next time,


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