A Beauty Shoot

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder..

For those who know me well, know that I'm not crazy about wearing makeup and neither will I spend lots of money buying the latest makeup product. And that's because I'm not good at applying makeup. I also enjoy being makeup free. But I do occasionally wear makeup but not all the time.

I say all this because I just had my beauty shoots taken (for my modeling portfolio) while I was in Cape Town and I had my makeup done! It was a lovely experience and well planned out. Before heading to South Africa I reached out to Gabrielle (Gabrielle_vh on instagram)

She is a published photographer and I would describe her as a beauty shoot expert! we spoke about what I wanted and when I would be in town. She then recommenced me to the very lovely makeup artist Sarah (Makeupbysaract on instagram) I shared with her my mood board and she was all in.

I had to make sure I had two different looks for this shoot, because I wanted a variety of what a beauty shoot should be: fun and dramatic as well as soft and subtle.




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